Planet of the Apes: A Musical Trip

Contibuted by Jeff and DrZaiusDavis

LP Cover

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This bio came from the MySpace page:

Band Members: we can't tell you wrote or performed these songs....we know who, they all went on and had decent (in a couple cases more than decent) careers, but they just won't let us tell you...

in 1974 a band from central Connecticut got a response from a semi-known New York manager-type...the band had been sending out unsolicited demos to everybody-who-was-anybody in the record business and this guy had gotten ahold of the tape...he liked the tunes and the band and he wanted to make them BIG STARS...but first he had this little project that he wanted them to do..."so fellas, have you ever heard of....'The Planet of the Apes?'" so...long story short, the band got demos of tunes, written by big-time-pro songwriters, for a childrens' album based on the Planet of the Apes..the music for the songs were of 2 types; Big Piano Broadway Showstoppers...and Mellow Folk Guitar Stoner Introspectives....the lyrics were all written by the manager guy and were consistantly semi-hilarious.. the poor band was sure that their fledgling career was OVER...but they had mucho pop/cover song experience and did their best and had some laughs (it WAS the '70s...) enjoying the process even when the manager had this actor-guy dub some dialogue (you know...for kids!) in between the songs...I wish you could hear the whole thing!! anyway, they did their part and the manager did get them a nice 4 night showcase at Max's Kansas City where they played their own songs and a bunch of big time invited industry types who came to see Larry Young (our heroes were the opener) saw them...but didn't sign them...alas...BUT the band DID get to wear ape costumes AND (did I mention that this was Thanksgiving weekend?) appear in the Macy's Parade on the Mego Toy Co Float...right behind Underdog...

Macy's parade - 1974
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - 1974

Track 1, Intro (part 1)
Track 2, Intro (part 2)
Track 3, Intro (part 3)
Track 4, New Adventure
Track 5, As We Really Are
Track 6, Jungle Fever
Track 7, Work It Out (typo on the LP jacket: "Work It Our")
Track 8, Live And Let Live
Track 9, People Sure Do Make Funny Noises
Track 10, It Takes All Kinds
Track 11, Hey Pet
Track 12, The Other Side
Track 13, The Planet of the Apes - Reprise

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